Paramedics 50/50 Raffle

Paramedics are trusted by communities

Paramedics have always been there for our communities. That is why paramedics are Canada's #1 most respected profession. 

However, being on the frontlines is as challenging as it is rewarding. Similar to all health care professions, paramedicine is facing attrition and retention issues while we are also being called upon for unprecedented growth. We need to support our next generation of paramedics who will serve the public with high quality health care while ensuring our people are reflective of the diverse communities we service.

Your 50/50 raffle purchase will help support paramedic scholarship funds for Primary Care Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic and Paramedic Baccalaureate programs.

Communities are stronger when they are properly supported. As a vocation, paramedicine is no different. Paramedics do not have on-the-job training like other emergency services. Paramedics must attend College and/or University to become highly trained health care professionals who are entrusted with handling emergency calls. The costs for highly specialized paramedic programs are astronomical. As such, the Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa is fundraising with a weekly Paramedic 50/50 raffle to directly support paramedic scholarship funds.

How can you help?

Simply purchase Paramedic 50/50 tickets and select the region of your choice to support. One winner will receive 50% of the funds raised each week.

What will paramedics do with the proceeds?

Paramedics are doing more than we ever have before by providing scholarships to our next generation of frontline health care professionals.

50/50 Ticket Prices

$50 for 100 tickets
$20 for 20 tickets
$10 for 3 tickets
$5 for 1 ticket

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Supporting Paramedic Scholarship Funds

The Paramedics 50/50 Raffle is being brought to you by the Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa (PPAO).

Mission Statement

The Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa (PPAO) advocates for patients and paramedics.

Vision Statement

The Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa (PPAO) will support patients and paramedicine with an emphasis on education, research and high-quality health care that is reflective and respectful of the diverse communities we serve.